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Action Bronson, Camden Barfly, 25th March 2012

May 12, 2017

Yesterday a packed, sweaty Camden Barfly bore witness to the inaugural UK visit from Flushing, Queens native Action Bronson. I was lucky enough to have snagged a ticket for the matinee show after the evening gig sold out in no time. Indeed, the daytime show tickets went in no time at all and the venue was appropriately wedged when Bronson took to the stage at around 6 o’clock.


The next 45 minutes or so was probably the most fun I’ve experienced at a gig in a long time. Bronson charmed the collective pants off every single person in the room within minutes of hitting the stage. You could tell he was having the time of his life as he waded through the crowd, arm held aloft like the true People’s Champion he is. You know you’re sharing in a special moment when the performer starts taking drinks orders mid-song for the audience, and then proceeds to put down £100 at the bar to get drinks for everyone. Between that and the generous sharing of his purely medicinal cigarettes with the crowd, the gig had the definite air of one big party.  


Highlights for me included the double-whammy of ‘Barry Horowitz’ (video above – apologies for the shitty quality) and ‘Shiraz’ back to back. Other hits got an airing as well, such as ‘Hookers At The Point’ from the recent ‘Blue Chips’ mixtape album. It was cool to see a reworked version of Bronson’s collab tee with Mishka on sale as well, going for a very reasonable £20. Bronson left us with the promise of a return visit, and then lead us out the door of the venue and onto the street.


I gotta give credit to the support act as well, DJ Rasp and The Mak Of All Trades. They had their own bag of party tricks too, having got the audience to scrawl random thoughts and musings on a whiteboard before the gig. Mak then proceeded to freestyle over what was written. Ever the shameless opportunist, I was delighted when he worked my Heft reference into his flow. I got to meet Butchaz as well, the main man behind Ahoodie. In fact the whole gig felt like a one big friendly get-together on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Camden. Thank you Mr. Bronson. We patiently await your return.

by SeanM

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