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Acapulco Gold Summer 2013 Drop 2

May 12, 2017

I can’t lie; I’ve always had a soft spot for Acapulco Gold. Going way back to when the Polo bear flip debuted, I felt like this was the brand for me – really well-made pieces and a smart-ass attitude to boot. Fast forward to Fall 2013 and I’m glad to see these two qualities very much intact. Seriously, if other brands out there paid even half as much attention and care to the production of their stuff then we’d all be living in a better word as far as streetwear is concerned. Here is a brand that doesn’t use the term ‘outsourcing’ as a means to getting things done cheap out foreign. Instead they go to places like Canada for their fleece and polos, and to Portugal for their shirts. All the t-shirts are made and printed on domestically and it is this pride in their craft that marks this New York brand above all others for me.

For Fall 2013, Acapulco Gold have come up some killer pieces. I’m glad to see the Angry Lo bear reappear in embroidered form on Canadian-made polo shirts. Elsewhere, custom plaid and Japanese camo fabrics are put to good use over a range of U.S. and Portuguese made short sleeve shirts. The highlight of every AG drop for me is always their printed tee output. The pop culture references are always on-point and the Tupac-starring ‘Against All Odds’ t-shirt is testament to this. My Spanish is virtually non-existent so the ‘Carajo’ reference is a bit lost on me though. Depending on what free translation site you trust the most, it’s either ‘hell’, ‘fuck’ or ‘penis’ (let’s hope it’s not that one, eh). The drop is rounded out with a small selection of snapbacks and 5-panels. Check out the full range today and don’t forget we offer FREE UK delivery on all Acapulco Gold orders


by SeanM

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