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Acapulco Gold Spring 2014 Drop 2

May 12, 2017

This week sees the Acapulco Gold Spring 2 collection touch down at Urban Industry. The New York based streetwear brand have come correct with a tight seasonal range that is online and instore now at Urban Industry. Ok, so Spring 2 might be a bit misleading considering we’re nearly in June but what Acapulco Gold lack in punctuality they certainly make up for with their designs. Graphic tees have always been a big part of AG’s offering and act as a medium for getting across the brand’s ‘fuck you’ attitude and plethora of movie, crime and music references. Spring 2014 does not disappoint on this front and we here at UI have a decent range on offer now.

The standout piece from this collection has to be the First Team Soccer Jersey. Now some of you may shake your damn heads at the use of the word ‘soccer’, but for me this is one of the better World Cup tie-in releases. Rather than going down the super obvious route, AG have actually designed a piece that looks good on as well as subtly paying homage to the worldwide celebration of 22 overpaid #softboyz kicking a ball up and down a pitch. Check out the full Acapulco Gold Spring 2 Collection by clicking on the link below:


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