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Acapulco Gold Spring 2014 Drop 1

May 12, 2017

My beloved Acapulco Gold touch down on these shores with the first drop from their Spring 2014 collection. My love for the brand is well documented here at Urban Industry and if you’re not down with the NYC brand’s attention to detail and heavyweight quality then we can’t ever be friends. Acapulco Gold’s sweatshirts are always Canadian-made and feature a tough 420 gm cross-grain fleece as standard. They put other brands to shame. Seriously. Personal favourites of mine from this drop’s selection of fleece has to be the Angry Lo Allover Crewneck Sweatshirt. In AG’s own words it’s like  “having that little thug hanging out on a boat off the coast of Nantucket feelin' the breeze”.

I can see myself happily parting hard-earned cash for the Lombardi Coaches Jacket in Woodland Camo. This thing is a beast and would hammer-fist other brands’ binbag-quality coaches jackets into oblivion. Acapulco Gold are proud to produce their cut & sew pieces in New York City. Their fits are precise and the garments are assembled using the strictest standards. Basically, you need ‘em in your life.


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