A Day at Baxter Finley Barber & Shop

March 27, 2014

Male grooming is big business these days. Take a look around and no doubt you’re gonna come across some slickly quiffed young lad or an immaculately groomed beard or two. We like to think we’ve played our part here at Urban Industry with our decision to stock a number of key men’s grooming products over the past few seasons. Firstly we focused on hairstyling products from the likes of Uppercut Deluxe and Imperial Barber Products. Over time this grew to include Baxter of California who not only specialise in haircare products, but also shaving, skincare and more.

The guys behind Baxter of California also operate their own barbers and shop located in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. The above video highlights a day in the busy shop and captures the laid back vibe and sharp grooming that the team specialises in.


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