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10Deep Nightfall collection for Fall 2013

May 12, 2017

Traditionally one of the last brands to deliver here, 10Deep touches down this week at Urban Industry with their new ‘Nightfall’ collection for Fall 2013. The little touches we’ve come to know from 10Deep are all present and correct here – custom print fabric put to inventive use, herbal references etc. Detractors of the brand point out that 10Deep don’t vary the theme much from one collection to the next. I would counter that if you were executing these ideas as well as they are season-in season-out then more power to you. It’s called ‘consistency’ kids

I’ll let the guys over at 10Deep take you through the thinking behind this season’s collection – “As the fall season advances, darkness reclaims territory lost in the spring and summer months. "Nightfall", the second delivery of our Fall 2013 "Full Cycle" collection, takes the season on a trajectory away from the failing light of early fall's product and towards that of the coming winter.

For this offering, we revisit the visual themes of the first delivery through the lens of this advancing darkness.  Florals come in nightshades and grays, camos pop up in black-on-black and in deep purple color schemes, and even the night sky itself makes an appearance”.


by SeanM

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