The Urban Industry Store is an independently owned street wear and urban clothing store based on the South coast of the UK in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

With the store established in 2002 we developed our first website and launched it in the May of 2003 ever since then we've been building to make both businesses some of the strongest in the UK and the world

Cut to 2011...We are now in our fourth and largest ever store and warehouse. We carry over 2500 different products including almost 500 shoes, 600 t-shirts and 150 jackets. We stock products from over 90 worldwide brands and try to stock the newest talent from the UK too.

Urban Industry Store

Urban Industry Store

Urban Industry Store

Urban Industry Store

Urban Industry Store


This was our store setup from 2007 to 2011....

We aim to constantly develop our brand lists with the most interesting and coolest designs out there (we think!). Most of our labels have a great deal of heritage and history behind them or very creative people at the helm. We always tend to go for labels that are slightly off centre from the usual high street names that have reached saturation. This is not to say that we are fashion snobs! It's just that we tend to find that the more interesting brands push things forward faster and make garments of better quality. Quite often a t-shirt bought from a major label maybe be cheap but it shrinks after a couple of washes and the colours fade. Items from brands such as Stussy, OBEY, Volcom and Penfield you'll be still wearing years down the line. This also is another part of our ethos, we sell products that will still be fashionable in years to come, we don't jump on the nearest clothing trend brand, bang it out dirt cheap and then move on to the next craze which is dead in 6 weeks.

Also, unlike some other stores, we aim to provide a wide and varied selection of the brands we buy in...We always try and buy across the board, clothing and accessories, not just the basic pieces, we want the interesting products.


By 2007 the Urban Industry website had well and truly over taken the sales from the Grove Road store. After being a tenant for about 5 years and having various issues with buildings it was time to make a decision. We took a short year lease on a small warehouse about 8 miles from the store itself to see if we could support the website on it own, it seemed to work well apart from the daily driving between the two premises. We decided the store in town was holding us back in space so we took the decision to close it and move into a brand new warehouse space about 5 minutes from the centre of Eastbourne. We still wanted to have a store of some kind so we dedicated a third of the warehouse space to a destintation shop for our regular and new discerning customers.

The store from 2004/5 -2007.....

Soon after we commissioned UK artist Matt Sewell to paint our changing room doors. We've always tried to add something different to the store and in Eastbourne i think we were pretty different.

With the bigger shop frontage we pulled in some great instore paintings. This one above was in conjuction with Eastpak Bags. Nick the marketing manager at the time called in the services of German street artist Kabe 234 to paint our main side window.

We'd started our website in May 2003 and ran it from the basement of the South Street store. We lasted a year or so there but finally moved to a bigger premises in 2005. This store was just round the corner on Grove Road, slightly busier, bigger store, bigger basement which helped for more storage for the site itself. We were still stocking womens fashion at this point, pretty much half and half. The shop still took a while to get moving even though by now we were picking up loads of brands like Stussy, MHI, Analog, Adidas, etc. Eastbourne isn't the capital of Street wear fashion but we built a strong grounding and managed to get a core customer in the door, many of which became friends and still are today.

It all started here in July 2002, South Street, Eastbourne. When Kirsty Alsop says 'Location, location, Location' she wasn't lying. Lovely South Street in Eastbourne looks the business but probably doesn't have the best footfall for a new street wear store. Still it was a start, cheap rents, simple shop fit and a few brands that we managed to get our hands on. If I remember rightly on opening we were stocking Addict, Westbeach, Mooks, Dirtyhabit, Alphanumeric, Freshjive.. A heady combination for sure.

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